Witch in the City

When Meghan “Meg” Leisler’s mother and sister die in a car crash, she has to leave her fast-paced life in New York City to head home to Lobelia Falls to help her father with the funeral arrangements. She ends up dealing with a lot more than just the deaths. In this paranormal cozy mystery, Meg and her trusty sidekick, Pugsley, set out to solve a crime spree in the small town.

Witch in the City is in the top 100 best sellers in both Occult Horror and Amateur Sleuth Mysteries. With over 290 ratings and a 4.4 overall rating. Get it today.

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Be Right Witch Ya

Be Right Witch Ya

The Witch, The Spa, & The Dagger

The Witch, the Spa, and the Dagger

Oh no! A guest at the Lobelia Falls is found with a dagger sticking out of their back. What is Meg going to do? Of course, she’s going to enlist her trusty sidekick, Pugsley, and Lobelia Falls finest, Chief Donald Stevenson. But there are new forces at work in Lobelia Falls, so it’s going to take everything Meg has to get to the bottom of this mystery.

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A Flock of an Alibi

A Flock of an Alibi

A Flock of an Alibi: A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology is a collection of short stories from some of the best cozy mystery authors in the business. 

In this volume, J. J. Justice penned a story called “The Witch and the Pink Flamingos.” 


Welcome to Lobelia Falls

Lobelia Falls Map

Lobelia Falls Resort

Lobelia Falls Resort Map

Lobelia Falls Resort Interior - Detailed

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